Your #1 Back-to-School Supply

September 02, 2020 2 min read

Your #1 Back-to-School Supply

Back-to-school looks a little different this year. Whether learning online or even back in the classroom, safety takes precedence over the newest book bag or first-day outfit. Enter: washable, reusable face masks. Safe and stylish, be sure to check them off as #1 on your shopping list (bonus: you canshop our masks from the couch).

Once studies start, the first big test is to make sure everybody actually wears them.  Whether you’re clipping your reusable face mask to your backpack or shoving it in your car console, we’ve put together our top tips on how to make masks effective and ready for the semester to begin.

Tip 1: Be your own “mask”ot:

Trend-setters, now’s your time to shine. TikTok your way to safety AND stardom with a video encouraging all your friends and peers to wear a mask.


Tip 2: Space saver:

Tiny college dorms crampin’ your style? ChicoBag masks and bags are compact enough for even the smallest pad. You can evenwash them in the sink.

Tip 3: Consider a crusade:

To ditch disposable masks on campus. Not only do they save money (bye, Top Ramen), but they also help save the planet. Win-win.


Tip 4: Be the change:

You’re never too young to start building a legacy. Be a person who makes a difference at school. Wear a mask. Save a life. 

Tip 5: Calling all pre-med peeps:

The world is at the forefront of new medicine and vaccines. Now’s the time to  dig into the science—okay, and maybe impress your friends with your knowledge of microns.

Tip 6: Be true to your school:

There’s nothing better than spirited swag. Rep your university or alma mater with mask pride. Class online? Points for the most school colors in one Zoom call. 

Tip 7: I mustache you a question:

Dying to  grow out that handlebar? Nobody will know (or make you shave) if you’re wearing a mask. Motivation never looked so dapper.

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