Why This $20 Sustainable Kitchen Utensil Set Will Be the Best Thing You Buy in 2021

February 12, 2021 2 min read

Why This $20 Sustainable Kitchen Utensil Set Will Be the Best Thing You Buy in 2021

New year, new great products from To-Go Ware! 2021 ushers in the coolest sustainable kitchen utensil set you’ve ever met:  Premium Bamboo Utensil Sets!

Here’s why it’s rad and you need one in your life asap:

They have every utensil you could need: fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, straw, bottle opener

If you loved our  Classic Bamboo Utensil Set, you’ll see that this puppy got a sweet upgrade in the form of a reusable bamboo straw and a bottle-opener carabiner. Consider yourself prepared for any meals or beverages that may come your way.

Fork Knife Spoon Chopsticks and Straw in this Utensil Set

They look rad

Blue Topo, Constellation, Daybreak, Green Tropics, Happy Camper, or Shibori Moon print -- you do you. Six original prints means a different design for each friend or family member.

New Utensil Set Styles and Colors

The case is made out of 100% recycled water bottles

The handy-dandy carrying case is crafted with  rePETe fabric, made from Certified Repreve yarn spun entirely out of post-consumer recycled plastic bottles! Win-win for a reusable case manufactured in the most sustainable way possible.

Utensil Set Sleeves are made of Repreve material which is recycled bottles

The sustainable kitchen utensils are made of bamboo

It’s one of the most planet-friendly materials around. “Bamboo is hard as wood but is technically a fast-growing grass that grows literally like a weed,” says our CEO, Andy Keller. “It grows fast with no need for irrigation, pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides.” Plus, it’s smooth to the touch, no splinters in sight. 

They’re dishwasher safe

Eat, wash, repeat. Toss ‘em in with your other forks and spoons, and they’ll be ready for your next lunch on-the-go. (You can hand wash ‘em, too, but  science says dishwashers might be more sustainable.)

And they’reheat and stain resistant, hand-finished with a food-safe coating, and BPA and phthalate free

No weird food stains or nasty chemicals here in your fancy forks and knives.

Heat resistant food safe environmentally friendly coating on utensils

Plus, they help you support small businesses by ordering to-go.

“If you love take-out and also want to reduce your use of single-use plastic and that feeling of guilt, you are in luck,” Andy reminds us. Bonus points if you call ahead and ask them to pack up your order in a  reusable container.

stainless food containers and To-Go Ware utensils help reduce your footprint

Finally, *drumroll, please* this cutlery set  keeps 1625 single-use utensils out of the landfill.

By choosing reusable, sustainable kitchen utensils instead of the freebie plastic ones from the drive-through, you’re high-fiving Captain Planet by keeping disposable plastics out of the wastestream.

Each utensil set replaces up to 1625 single use utensils

Knowing how much our Classic To-Go Ware Utensils Sets have been, we’re excited to bring this updated Premium Bamboo Utensil Set version to all our wonderful customers in 2021. “Our Bamboo Utensil Set has been our top seller for years, but our customers spoke and we listened! We added some key requested features, such as a bamboo straw and bottle opener, and we added some cool prints.”

Your input has been invaluable in improving our initial offerings, and we hope you enjoy this new premium upgrade. Head on over to our  product page to check out all the deets!

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