Soft. Breathable. Stylish. Meet the new 3-layer Sustainable Face Masks!

March 17, 2021 2 min read

Soft. Breathable. Stylish. Meet the new 3-layer Sustainable Face Masks!

Announcing the new line of snug, 3-layer sustainable face masks

Wearing a proper face mask can help keep our fellow humans healthier. But what about the birds, the bees, and the fish in the seas? They could sure use a break from our disposable waste. Well, we’ve got the cure for the single-use blues: Our new 3-layer sustainable face masks!

Why 3 layers?
Soon (we hope!) we’ll all be creeping out of quarantine and getting back to business. Shimmy out of your sweatpants, because real world facemask-to- facemask interactions are on the rise. That’s why we’ve added a bit of extra protection to our  2-layer masks, in the form of a reusable washable filter. 
Will I still be able to breathe?


Of course! We need you here! The 3-layer sustainable face mask combines good breathability with 18% more filtration to bring you added safety out in the wild. You’ll find all the same comfortable features that you enjoy in our 2-layer mask, including the adjustable ear loops, anti-fog nose bridge, and carrying pouch with a carabiner.



Why should I care about sustainable face masks?

Because wearing areusable mask is an easy fix for a healthier planet. According to a report by  OceansAsia, more than 1.5 billion single-use masks ended up in the world’s oceans last year. Since they’re made from plastic, they’ll add about6,800-plus tons of plastic pollution that “will take as long as 450 years to break down.” See,your choices really can make a difference!

But can I still wear my sweatpants?

That’s a you question. However, our sleek new solids and prints will dress up any outfit you choose to wear to work or out on the town. Just remember to put on something below the waist. You’re not on Zoom anymore.

OK, now it’s time to step up your filtration game. While our 2-layer face mask has been shown to block about 72% of virus particles, the new 3-layer mask pumps it up to 90%! That additional Reusable Washable Filter layer makes it 18% more effective at blocking microscopic virus particles. So whenyou’re ready to mix and mingle again safely, place your face in our new 3-layer sustainable face mask.

Order yours today, and face the world with confidence.