Mask Safety 101

October 27, 2020 1 min read

Mask Safety 101

Let’s face it 😉: there are a LOT of mask options out there. Why should you choose ChicoBag facewear over the other countless options?

One word:safety.

In addition to the stellar colors, extra comfy ear loops, and anti-fog breathability, ChicoBag face masks are also one of the safest options on the market. 

Say what?

That’s right. Outside of N95s (please save those for our first responders or those affected by wildfire smoke!), ChicoBag facewear keeps you more protected than almost any other community mask on the market.

How do we know?

Because we tested them.Really well. In fact, we tested them against European safety regulations, which have even higher standards for facewear than the United States. 

Facemasks are only regulation compliant when they:
  • Fit most adult faces
  • Don’t irritate the skin
  • Hold up through at least 5 washes at 140℉ (most US washing machines are 130℉ at their high heat cycles)
  • Have no rips, tears,  or defects
  • Pass a filtration efficiency test to keep out microscopic COVID-19 particles and the bigger particles they stick to
  • Are taken on and off at least 5 times without the ear loops snapping
  • Let in and out the right amount of air for safe breathing

We’re proud to say that our masks meet all the EU safety standards, which means you’re getting the safest facewear available. And of course, they’re a reusable, sustainable way to #effsingleuse!