Reusable Shopping Bags Might be More Effective Than A Mason Jar of Trash

February 08, 2021 2 min read

Reusable Shopping Bags Might be More Effective Than A Mason Jar of Trash


If you’re reading this blog, there’s a good chance you’re interested in learning more aboutreusable shopping bags, reducing your use of disposable plastic, and maybe even considering a zero waste lifestyle. (Good news: you’ve come to the right spot!) 

If you’re here, there’s also a good chance you’ve heard about some pretty incredible women likeLauren Singer, who’ve mastered the art of living so sustainably that she accumulates less than a mason jar of trash per year (props to you, Lauren). Carly Rose also gets a high five for her yearly #FuturisticFebruary, where participants collect their trash for a month and bravely bare their garbage hordes to the world at the end.

Why do we love these gals? Because they’re all about awareness.

“The first step toward change is awareness,”says psychologist Nathaniel Branden.“The second step is acceptance.”

At ChicoBag, we’re all about finding ways to help reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our lives by increasing the number of reusable shopping bags, cutlery, containers, and facemasks in this world.

But let’s be honest: we probably don’t make that much trash...right? So sure, you might pay the $.10 for a plastic bag at the grocery store every once in a while, or grab a prepackaged wrap at the deli. But surely it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things?

You might be surprised:

In America, the average person throws away4.9 pounds of trash--every day.That’s about 1800 pounds of trash per year. Over half of it can’t be recycled or composted, so it ends up in the landfill. 

When it comes toplastic bags,Americans throw away about 300 bags per person every year, or over 100 billion plastic bags annually. 

Makes you much extra plasticam Iactually chucking everyday?

Your challenge: find out. 

This month, consider doing an inventory on all the non reusable plastic shopping bags you purchase or receive. Grocery bags, shopping bags, produce bags, makeup bags, you name it. Designate a place to stash ‘em, then do a quick bag count at the end of the month. 

An inventory of your plastic bags is a quick and sobering way to realize how reliant we are on disposable plastic -- AND how easy it would be to save all those bags by switching to reusable shopping bags!

Or,as Lauren says, “I like to collect my trash just because it helps me see what problems are difficult to avoid.”

We have a feeling that, by March, you’ll be tucking your ChicoBags into more backpacks, cars, purses, and bikes. And the best part? 

Switching to a reusable shopping bag is a very simple way to ease into a more sustainable 2021.

It’s something you can consistently add to your daily routine and maintain without falling off the reusables wagon, and it doesn’t require a whole life makeover all at once. Plus, you get double the points if you use one made from recycled plastic water bottles!

We’ll keep that Mason jar on the horizon as serious #zerowaste goals, but until then, we’re aiming for progress -- one bag at a time.