Safe & Sustainable: Fun With The Family

May 12, 2020 2 min read

Safe & Sustainable: Fun With The Family

This week, get the endorphins pumpin’ and the belly laughs rumblin’, because it’s time to get Safe & Sustainable with the fam! Have fun and keep your partner and kiddos active with these tips:

Sling Shot to Safety 

Plans for a family walk on a balmy Saturday morning? Be sure to pack your water bottle in yourSling rePETe orDeluxe Bottle Sling as you head out for a littlenature therapy. Not only does it keep your reusable water bottle close at hand, but it can also serve as an excellent social distancing tool. If a passerby gets closer than 6 feet to you, simply swing it around yourself in a circular motion to create the CDC-recommended distancing.


Greatest Obstacle

American Ninja Warrior has nothing on your family when you compete for the fastest climber of canned goods and complete the rocking tower of toilet paper. Anobstacle course is a great way to banish boredom and keep the kidlets active when stuck at home. Bonus points for matching team t-shirts. 

Using Toilet Paper As An Obstacle Course.

X Marks the Spot

Once you’ve ensured each kid hascrafted the appropriately-sized eyepatch, the hunt begins. Pack their fave snacks and sandwiches into aTiffin or Sidekick, then hide it somewhere around the house for the kids to find (preferably alongside some edible gold doubloons). Pro Tip: Start this quest before the kids are really hungry, so no one cries.

Create A Treasure Map and Play with your children during Quarantine

Anywhere but Here 

Hit the road—just kidding, the backyard—for a quick nature fix with an evening home camping sesh. Load up yourTravel Pack RePETe orNomad Shoulder Tote with a blanket, lantern, and some favorite stories or coloring books. Parent points (okay, fine, adults like them, too) if you pack s’mores.

ChicoBag Travel Pack and Nomad Shoulder Tote are Great for Picnics and Outdoor Activites.

Bucket List on a Dime (Read: Free) 

Cabin fever bigger than the economy section on an Airbus?  Visit these incredible locations around the world for an immediate getaway. Cool your wanderlust jets with a virtual dive through National Marine Sanctuaries, then take a tour of the Taj Mahal or Sistine Chapel. SafariLive is especially kid-approved.


And for the Parents:Shaken, Not Stirred.

Self-tested and Bond approved, the perfect “quarantini” is just a few practice cocktails away. Once you’ve mastered your mixologist skills (refreshing Cucumber-Basil Martini, anyone?), cheers your friends with avirtual happy hour.

Make Yourself A Quarantini Cocktail