Fit, Comfort, Filtration: 3 Essential Qualities of an Effective Facemask

July 20, 2020 2 min read

Fit, Comfort, Filtration: 3 Essential Qualities of an Effective Facemask

Our stance is firm: wear a facemask. 

But not all masks are created equal. Disposable masks clog our waterways, drains, and streets. Bandanas let in and out contaminated air. Home-sewn cloth masks are often difficult to breathe in. Generic store-bought masks can be bulky and hot.

Reusable face wear solves the first problem—and we’re all on board for sustainable safety! An effective reusable face mask tackles the rest with three key characteristics: fit, comfort, and filtration.

1. Fit

Like a quality pair of sneakers, a face mask needs to fit correctly to properly do its job. If there’s a gap at the bridge of your nose or at the sides or bottom of your mask, unfiltered air is getting in and out.

Your mask should:
  • Cover your chin completely, reaching just to the underside

  • Fully cover your cheeks, ending just at the edge of your ears

  • Mold to the shape of your nose, ideally with a flexible metal insert at the top of the bridge

2. Comfort

    If it’s itchy, scratchy, sweaty, ugly, or plastered to your face, there’s a good chance you’ll be fiddling with it all day—which, in turn, leads to unfiltered air getting in and out (notice a theme here?). Human behavior plays a critical role in the effectiveness of a mask, so get a comfy one! 

    Your mask should:

    • Be comfortable enough to wear for 8-12 hours

    • Be lightweight and easy to breathe in

    • Make you feel confident in your safety

    3. Filtration

      Blocking germs is the name of the game for a facemask. Look for one designed to filter particles as small as 0.1 microns—aka the size of a COVID-19 particle. The higher a mask’s ability to block these particles, the more effective it is.

      Your mask should:
      • Indicate it has been tested against a rating equal to or less than 0.3 microns for maximum efficacy

      Help us continue to #effsingleuse through the pandemic by choosing effective, reusable face coverings alongside your reusable bags, tins, and cutlery!