ChicoBag Comanche Creek Challenge: Our September Cleanup Day Adventure

October 12, 2020 1 min read

ChicoBag Comanche Creek Challenge: Our September Cleanup Day Adventure

What do buckets, masks, and pickers have in common? A ChicoBag creek cleanup, of course! As part of Butte Environmental Creek Cleanup day, and the largerBoxed Water Is Better’s September’s Coastal Cleanup Month, our staff teamed up to keep plastic out of a local stream.

(Um, isn’t it supposed to be an “coastal, as in ocean, cleanup,” team? True story. But our headquarters are about 5 hours from the ocean, so we figured this was a fair proxy.)

ChicoBag Team cleans up local waterway

If you’re new to the story, a quick recap: the innovative Boxed Water Is Better company hosted a Coastal Cleanup throughout the month of September. They invited ChicoBag and other sustainably-minded brands Liquid I.V., TOMS, Nécessaire, and Toad&Co to raise awareness and contribute to the Ocean Blue Project and other nationwide coastal cleanup efforts.

Together, we put together 25 “Clean-Up Survival Kits” as raffle prizes for any individual or group whosigns up toclean up this month!.

Last Saturday, our ChicoBag HQ team grabbed their favoritefacemasks and headed out for a fresh fall morning of picking up plastic. The creek was also full of couches, chairs, and other trash impeding the flow of fresh water downstream. Not only was it a great way to protect the planet, but it helped us get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and do good.