A Pledge to #effsingleuse Doesn’t Mean You Have to Go 100% Plastic-Free

September 28, 2020 2 min read

A Pledge to #effsingleuse Doesn’t Mean You Have to Go 100% Plastic-Free

Interested in exploring a less-plastic lifestyle...but, frankly, a bit intimidated?

The ChicoBag #effsingleuse campaign is a great place to get started.

At ChicoBag, our mission has always been to help humanity bag the single-use habit. But that doesn’t mean we expect you to immediately toss all the plastic in your house, or drive 100 miles each way to a refillable container store, or never buy a plastic tub of hummus again (because, well, yum).

It’s simply not that easy, nor is it sustainable—and we’re all about change thatlasts.Instead, we hope you find small, long-term swaps for you and your family.

ChicoBag swag is just one great way to start: A reusable bag in your car, a set of bamboo cutlery in your purse, a handful of washable face masks by the front door. 


After that, look around to see what you can reuse:

  • Old t-shirts make great paper towels
  • Empty soap dispenser? Add dissolvable soap tabs and use the bottle again. 
  • Plastic clamshell from your to-go salad? Wash and reuse as a gift box.
  • Need a new storage basket? Try a local thrift store.

The bottom line? Look for ways to extend the life of items you already have, or invest in ones you can commit to. And guess what: nobody’s judging if you buy a plastic bottle of OJ or a pre-packaged wrap at the supermarket sometimes. 

Our pledge to #effsingleuse doesn’t mean you have to be 100% plastic-free. It just means you’re committed to a reusable lifestyle wherever you can—and encouraging your friends to do the same.

Ready to sign the pledge? We can’t wait for you to  sign up.

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