6 Reasons Why This is Not Another Boring Impact Report Blog

August 19, 2020 2 min read

6 Reasons Why This is Not Another Boring Impact Report Blog

This year has been little crazy in many ways, but we’re proud of the amazing products, launches, and updates on the books so far: Pledge For The Planet Commitment, #effsingleuse Campaign, 1% for the Planet and Climate Neutral Certifications, and Reusable Facewear, just to name a few. 

And that’s just in the first 7 months! Before all this, though, we were making Captain Planet proud all through last year. Now, we’ve got our brand new  2019 Impact Report to prove it!

Our favorites? We picked our top 6 below!


1. Product: 3.1 Billion Single-Use Products Not Used!

Since 2005, we’ve distributed enough products with the potential to replace nearly 22.6 billion single-use items, and we aim to reach 34 billion by 2022. 


2. Zero Waste: 5,172 Repurposed Reusable Bags

Bags collected: 7,523 —> Bags repurposed & paid forward: 5,172


3. Waste Stream: 89% of waste diverted from landfills. 

 89% of ~5,485 pounds of waste we created in office was composted, recycled, or sent to repurposing programs. 


4. Water Usage: NEW digital dye-sublimation option & waterless urinals (yep!)

Minimized water usage at the office and new customization process is expected and has reduced water usage long-term. 


5. Climate Neutral Certified:2130 tCO2e was our 2019 Total Carbon Footprint.

Measuring this number allowed us to identify two areas in which we can significantly reduce our impact: increasing the sales of our rePETe products, and utilizing less shipping by air. 


6. Manufacturing: Continued fair labor support and high workplace standards

We’re a Category C Licensee of theFair Labor Association, and we’ve partnered withPACTICS in Cambodia who go through rigorous safety, labor, hygiene, and sexual harassment trainings.  

Find the whole report  linked here!

Now that you’ve had a little peek #behindthescenes of ChicoBag and To-Go Ware operations, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Were you excited or surprised by anything you learned? What would you like to see in our next impact report?

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